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Acceptance of applications have been closed. All candidates will be contacted via e-mail during the period from May to June.


Frequently asked questions

Citizens of the Russian Federation who have reached the age of 14 residing permanently in Vladivostok and Artem, candidates above 16 years of age residing in Primorsky Krai and other regions of Russia, also citizens of foreign countries who have reached the age of 18.

Foreign language proficiency increases your chances to join Volunteer team.

1100 volunteers.

Volunteer experience increases your chances to join Volunteer team.

Volunteer work is not paid and it is concidered to be grant assistance.

Definetly. Any volunteer experience is welcome and will be useful for you during the Games.

You can always contact the team by direct messages to the official account on VK https://vk.com/volunteer_da.

All volunteers will be presented with a number of events, where they will have a unique opportunity to undergo additional training. In May, 2022 online trainings for all candidates will be organized. The basic compulsory training of volunteers will take place before the start of the Games for all volunteers.

No, the Games Directorate does not assume responsibility for reimbursement of travel expenses to the venue of the Games. If you are a student of any educational institution, we recommend that you apply there. We also recommend that you contact an organization dealing with youth policy.

Volunteers will be involved during the entire period of the Games. There are also functional areas that begin their work a few weeks before the start of the competition.

First of all, volunteers will gain invaluable experience of volunteering at an international event. In addition, volunteers will be provided with:

1.    Branded uniform;

2.    Accommodation for nonresident volunteers;

3.    Letter of thanks;

4.    Meals;

5.    Transportation service;

6.    Games souvenirs and branded products.

First of all, volunteers are the face of the Games! They demonstrate the hospitality of our country and the host city. Volunteers provide assistance in organizing and holding the Games in various functional areas:

1. "Team leader". The most important volunteer who helps a certain volunteer block, who has high communication skills and leadership traits.

2. "Attache of sports delegations". Volunteer responsible for accompanying delegations, teams, individual participants. He needs to speak a foreign language in order to be able to tell the delegates about the city, about the games.

3. "Volunteer of sports facilities." A volunteer, thanks to which the participants of the games will get acquainted with the sports facility, and will be quickly directed to the required area.

4. "Volunteer of food facilities." These volunteers are responsible for the smooth operation of food outlets. Volunteers of this position must know the range of products presented, and check coupons for free food from those who are entitled to it.

5. "Volunteer of accommodation for accommodation facilities." This volunteer solves all issues related to the resettlement of client groups, as well as advising guests on accommodation facilities, and, if necessary, organizing communication between the guest and the person in charge.

6. "Volunteer of the International Press Center". The function of a volunteer of the international press center will be various assistance in organizing press centers, accompanying media representatives at the facility.

7. "Volunteer of the Center for Accreditation and Issuance of Forms." Volunteers will have to register participants and staff, work with databases, and issue accreditation cards.

8. "Volunteer of transport support" - these are volunteers whose main function will be to provide up-to-date information on routes and timetables for transport.

9. "Volunteer of the send-off and meeting point" - These volunteers are responsible for the first impression of the organization of the Games, as well as all kinds of assistance to arriving guests for further movements.

10. "Volunteer of the award group" - The task of the volunteer is simple: to help in holding protocol, presentation events and award ceremonies of the VII International Sports Games "Children of Asia".

11. "HQ Volunteer" - Volunteers of this block must have the skills of a confident PC user, as they will constantly be on hand to inform other volunteers about changes in work schedules, to help team leaders, managers

12. "Cultural Program Volunteer" - These are volunteers who are responsible for helping to organize the rehearsals of ceremonies and the ceremonies themselves, for controlling the technical equipment, as well as for direct participation in certain moments of the performances.