Telyakovsky bay
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Telyakovsky bay

position 42.58356983442691, 131.21138399437285

Telyakovsky Bay is the southernmost part of the entire Far Eastern nature Reserve. The local rocky shores with beautiful white granite amaze the imagination. At the end of each spring, the coast of this bay is covered with a carpet of rhododendrons.

Telyakovsky Bay is the intersection point of two specially protected natural areas - the “Leopard Land” National Park and the Far Eastern Marine Reserve. 

The east of the peninsula goes out to sea, striking tourists and vacationers with original rocks, shallow coves and beautiful pebble beaches. Such nature immediately makes the heart fill with romance and harmonious relaxation. You can get here with your own or rented car, along a completely normal dirt road. But the beauty of the beaches and mountains will have to be admired during a walking tour.