Tokarevsky lighthouse
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Tokarevsky lighthouse

position 43.07451019416377, 131.84241345885744

It is hard to imagine a seaside town without a lighthouse. The lighthouse on Tokarevskaya koshka is one of the oldest lighthouses in the Far East, which still remains an important navigational facility and the most popular attraction in Vladivostok. It is located on a man-made rocky spit, extending from Cape Tokarevsky, the so-called Tokarevskaya koshka. Back in 1876, a luminous sign was installed here, and in 1910 a round stone white lighthouse tower 12 meters high was erected on an octagonal foundation. Until now, it has been preserved in its original form. The lighthouse on Tokarevskaya koshka ensures safe passage of ships to Vladivostok through the Eastern Bosphorus Strait.