Railway station and the Great Trans-Siberian Railway
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Railway station and the Great Trans-Siberian Railway

position 2, Aleutskaya st., Vladivostok

The history of the station in Vladivostok is closely connected with the history of the city and the region. The station building is one of the oldest and most beautiful in Vladivostok. The station is the terminus for those, who travel by railway from the European part of the country to the east. The longest railway line in the world, connecting Vladivostok and Moscow, ends here - 9288 km. 

The laying of the railway and the station took place on May 19, 1891 with the participation of the Tsarevich of the future Emperor Nicholas II. During the war, trains with volunteers went to the front from the station platforms. And the station square remembers the revolutionary events of 1906 and 1918.