Torch Relay
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Vladivostok Water Area
July 27,


The start of the Torch Relay in Vladivostok is expected on July 27, 2022 on Nadezhda Training Sailing Ship. It will pass through the Eastern Bosphorus Strait and enter the bays of Paris and Zhitkov. The Flame of the Games will be delivered to the shore where Scientific and Educational Centre Primorsky Aquarium is situated by a diver under the water.

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1. Andrey Rakovsky

Former Dive Master of the FEFU Underwater Club. He took part in an expedition in Nakhodka region in the Spokoynaya Bay in order to discover the wreckage of the Catalina seaplane. In 2015-2016 took part in the activities of search parties in order to find sunken ships from the time of the USSR. Winner of the Second Open Championship among divers in the discipline "Ice Orienteering" in 2016.

2. Анашкин Дмитрий Валентинович

Спортивный судья 1 категории, КМС, призер всероссийских соревнований, тренер.

3. Буров Денис Викторович

Ректор МГУ им. адм. Г.И.Невельского. Доцент, кандидат физико-математических наук.

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