Torch Relay
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July 20,


The average length of the Torch Relay route is 3 km. The Torch Relay will reach the sympolic historical, cultural and picturesque places.

Torch Relay begins: 4:30 PM
Ending celebration: 6:00 PM

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1. Arkhipov Vladimir Vladimirovich

Participation in sports events: "Ski Track of Russia" on an annual basis, participation in a large-scale race; participation in the Spartakiad among the labor collectives of Mikhailovsky district settlements; participation in sports and recreational activities "Work out with champions".

2. Dubina Andrey Sergeevich

Repeated champion of Mikhailovsky district in mini-football, silver medalist of the Winter Spartakiad of Primorsky Krai in mini-football 17-20.02.2022 Arsenyev, champion of the district in kettlebell lifting.

3. Evgeny Isakov

Repeated mini-football champion of Mikhailovsky district, mini-football champion of Primorsky Krai Winter Spartakiad.

4. Yury Andreevich Litvinenko

Champion of Russia, May 2021, Vladivostok;
World Cup, 2nd place, October 2021;
Asian Cup 1st place in powerlifting, Vladivostok, April 2022

5. Martynenko Alexander Vasilyevich

Repeated champion of Mikhailovsky district in shooting, darts, cross-country skiing.

6. Salatsky Stanislav Vadimovich

Champion of Ussuriysk city district of Mikhailovsky municipal district in taekwondo, coach of Mikhailovka Sport School.

7. Senchilo Dmitry Alexandrovich

Participation in the qualifying competitions in Children of Asia International Sports Games, February 2022. 2nd place taekwondo;
UGO championship, 2022, 1st place;
All-Russian competition "Cup of the Far East", 1st place, 2022;
Granted Candidate to Master of Sports in taekwondo.

8. Soroka Alena Vladimirovna

Champion of Mikhailovsky district in mini-football, basketball, 2nd place in darts, winner of regional basketball competitions, Vladivostok, 2021.

9. Sivtsev Mikhail Petrovich

Excellence in Youth Policy, Excellence in Education, has a diploma of the Plenipotentiary Representative for the Far Eastern Federal District, as well as Minister of Russian Federation for Development of the Far East, the medal "Patriot of Russia".
He is not a professional athlete, but has been involved in amateur sports all his life: athletics, volleyball. Repeatedly performed at a distance of 5 km., 10 km., 21.1 km.

10. Yurkasov Leonid Aleksandrovich

Champion of the region in kettlebell lifting, winner of darts, shooting competitions, winner of regional competitions among pensioners, June 8-10, 2021, Arsenyev;
2nd place in darts, 2nd place in the combined relay race, winner in the 100m run, kettlebell lifting in Primorsky Krai Spartakiad among veterans, October 21-24, Arsenyev.