Torch Relay
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July 20,


The average length of the Torch Relay route is 3 km. The Torch Relay will reach the sympolic historical, cultural and picturesque places.

Torch Relay begins: 10:00 AM
Ending celebration: 11:30 AM

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1. Belyaeva Ksenia Andreevna

The winner of the regional stage of Pupils All Russian Olympiad in physical education, 2 jun. category in all-style karate, 3 jun. category in volleyball, "Student of the Year" in 2019 and 2021, governor's scholarship, member of the Youth Council of Russia, deputy chair of the Youth Council under the Duma of Oktyabrsky District, winner of the regional stage of the Higher School of Education in technology, two 3rd places in the regional karate competitions, 2nd place in the FEFD competitions in karate, gold GTO badge.

2. Burmistrov Vladimir Vladimirovich

World Champion in absolutely real fight, World Championship in ARF (2nd place), Russian Championship in ARF (3rd place), Far East Championship in All Style Karate (1st place)

3. Golovanova Arina Alexandrovna

Candidate for master of sports in all-style karate. Prize-winner of international competitions in karate to Shotokan Kaze Ha, Prize-winner of the All-Russian competitions in karate to Shotokan Kaze Ha, Champion of the Far Eastern Federal District in all-style karate

4. Ezuta Nikita Sergeevich

Winner of the Youth Sports School weightlifting championship in the weight of 89 kg, with a result of 120 kg. Winner of the open tournament in the 96kg weight category, with a score of 152kg.

5. Ipatiev Vladislav Yurievich

Participant of the festival and seminar on taekwondo in Korea "6th World Taekwondo Culture Expo" July 11, 2012, absolute champion of the ITF Pogranichny District Taekwondo Championship 2012.12.22, winner of the Taekwondo championship of Primorsky Krai  2013, absolute champion of the Open Taekwondo Championship of Uzbekistan (ITF) Tashkent 2014, holder of the red belt in Taekwondo (ITF) 2016, winner of the Youth and Youth Sports Championship in weightlifting in the weight of 67 kg, with a result of 107kg, winner of the open tournament in weightlifting in the weight category of 67 kg, with result 134 kg.

6. Kireev Dmitry Borisovich

Black belt in karate, fifth dan in Shotokan karate Kaze Ha, winner of the All-Russian competitions in all-style karate, winner of international competitions in karate to Shotokan

7. Petruk Anastasia Vladimirovna

Candidate Master of Sports in basketball, Champion of Russia of the Student Basketball Association in 2011, 2013, Champion of the Primorsky Krai, Far East, Participant of the Student Sports All-Star Games 2013 (Kremlin)

8. Anton Starkov

Army Hand-to-Hand Combat World Championship (2nd place); Russian Army Hand-to-Hand Combat Championship (3rd place); Russian All-Style Karate Championship (1st place), Army Hand-to-Hand Combat Championship of the Far East (1st place); All-Style Karate Championship of the Far East (1st place); Championship of Primorsky Krai in Army Hand-to-Hand Combat (1st place); Championship of Primorsky Krai in All Style Karate (1st place); Primorsky Krai  Hand-to-Hand Combat Federation Championship (1st place). School Olympiad in Biology (1st place), School Olympiad in Chemistry (1st place), District Olympiad (3rd place), District Olympiad in Chemistry (3rd place)

9. Shelepov Konstantin Kirillovich

Champion of Russia 2021 in absolutely real fight (1st place), medalist of Russia in absolutely real fight 2022 (2nd place), winner of the World Championship 2022 (3rd place), first junior category in karate

10. Yaroshenko Maksim Alexandrovich

Champion of Japan in Zendokai karate, Champion of the Armed Forces in Army hand-to-hand combat 2014, Khabarovsk; Champion of Russia in Jujitsu Gaidar 2009; medalist of the Far East in combat sambo, Khabarovsk; multiple winner of the Far East and Primorsky Krai  in an absolutely real fight; prize-winner of the international gray wrestling competitions in China, Yangdze, 2018.