Torch Relay
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July 6,


The average length of the Torch Relay route is 3 km. The Torch Relay will reach the sympolic historical, cultural and picturesque places.

Torch Relay begins: 11:00 AM
Ending celebration: 12:30 PM

Photo -

1. Antonov Vitaly Ivanovich

Director of LLC "Horizon".

2. Budanova Daria Sergeevna

8th grade student. Table tennis, volleyball.

3. Budanova Maria Sergeevna

8th grade student. Table tennis, volleyball.

4. Levchenko Elena Vladimirovna

JSC "Terneyles", production preparation technician.
Created an environmental group to clean up the coast.
Ashtanga Vinyasa (yoga) teacher, fitness instructor.

6. Mulyukov Rasul Zainetdinovich

JSC "Terneyles", electric and gas welder. Veteran of labour.
Honorary Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.
Order of Merit, Medal for Military Merit.
Medal "Participant in combat operations".
Medal "To the Warrior-Internationalist from the grateful Afghan people"
Order "Veteran of the Afghan War".
Medal "For the performance of duty outside the Fatherland"
Anniversary medals.
Member of the public organization "Combat Brotherhood", an active participant in cultural events, carries out work on the patriotic education of youth.

7. Naumkin Fedor Sergeevich

Stage reader. Theater Studio "".
Member of the duet, laureate of the 1st degree of the international competition-festival "Autumn Tale". Artistic reading "Two scandals" by A.P. Chekhov, November 5-14, 2021.
1st place in the All-Russian competition "I reveal myself in creativity ...!". Artistic reading "Buran", S.T. Aksakov, January 14, 2021.
Member of the duet, laureate of the 3rd degree of the All-Russian competition-festival "Creativity!". Fiction reading "Two Scandals" by A.P. Chekhov, December 11-12, 2021.
Laureate of the 2nd degree of the All-Russian competition of the fund for the support and development of creative people "Art of the 21st century". Fiction reading "If I were an ermine" by Felix Krivin, October 2020.
Laureate of the 2nd degree of the 16th international competition-festival "Zimushka-Zima”. Artistic reading "Buran" S.T. Aksakov, January 29, 2021.
Laureate of the 3rd degree of the 19th regional competition "Theatromania-2022". Artistic reading "Poems about the Soviet passport" Vladimir Mayakovsky.

8. Pikul Natalya Leonidovna

MKOU DO "Children's and youth sports school" Plastun settlement.
Master of Sport. Shooting from service weapons.

9. Prodan Alexander Vasilyevich

Candidate for Master of Sports in Greco-Roman wrestling.

10. Andrey Aleksandrovich Reger

- champion of the Far Eastern Federal District 1993-1996;
- Prizewinner of Russia in 1993;
- winner of international tournaments in Mongolia, China, South Korea 1993-1995;
- Master of Sports in boxing;
- Finalist of the Eurasian Kickboxing Championship 2000