Torch Relay
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July 4,


The average length of the Torch Relay route is 3 km. The Torch Relay will reach the sympolic historical, cultural and picturesque places.

Torch Relay begins: 5:30 PM
Ending celebration: 7:00 PM

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1. Arnaut Alexander Sergeevich

In 2013, he graduated from the Far Eastern Federal University with a degree in organizational management.
Since 2020, he has been a member of the Duma of Lazovsky Municipal District.
Alexander is a young entrepreneur.
Since 2015, he has been the General Director of Zapovednaya Dolina LLC.
This is a family deer farm and recreation center, which he has been successfully leading for more than 5 years.
Also, Alexander has been playing in the amateur football team of Wrangel for many years and maintains a healthy lifestyle.
Always the first to respond to requests for sponsorship and volunteer assistance.

2. Zharavina Victoria Vyacheslavovna

Graduate of the 11th grade of the Lazovskaya secondary school No. 1, 2022 /
A pupil of an active citizenship, striving to realize her abilities and talents.
Throughout all her school years, she pays great attention to sports, has excellent sports results, diplomas and awards speak of this:
- Diploma for 1st place in the district competitions in athletics;
- Diploma for 1st place in school volleyball competitions;
- Diploma for the 1st place of the district competitions "Presidential sports games and competitions";
- Diploma for 2nd place in the all-around sports of the district competitions "Presidential sports games and competitions";
- Diploma for 3rd place in the individual competition, running 600 m of the district competitions "Presidential sports games and competitions";
- Diploma for 3rd place in the relay, district competitions "Presidential sports games and competitions";
Victoria is the captain of the school's volleyball team, the winner of municipal tourist competitions, a volunteer, a participant in cultural events, and an activist in the youth movement of the Lazovsky district.

3. Zharkikh Tatyana Ivanovna

Head of the sector of physical culture and sports of the Municipal State Institution "Center for Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy" of the Lazovsky Municipal District.
Tatyana Ivanovna is a professional athlete - she is an athletics coach, from 1989 to 1993 she worked as a sports instructor at the Askold sports complex, Arsenyev;
- 1994-2002 - trainer-teacher in track and field athletics of the Children's Youth Sports School "Youth", Arsenyev;
- 2002-2010 - trainer-teacher in track and field athletics - Children's youth sports school "Olimp", Arsenyev;
- 2010-1019 - Deputy Director of the municipal budgetary institution Sports School "Vostok" - Arsenyev.
She proved to be a competent specialist in the field of physical culture and sports, an enthusiastic and diligent worker, who pays great attention to the physical, I bring up children. She does a lot of work on organizing and holding mass sports events and promoting a healthy lifestyle in the village of Preobrazhenie.
Tatyana Ivanovna candidate master of sports in the 800m.
Awarded with the Badge "Excellence in Physical Culture and Sports".

5. Ilkun Olga Vladimirovna

Head of the Social Work Service of PJSC PBTF
Active organizer and participant of public events in the village of Transfiguration. Assistant Member of the Legislative Assembly. Volunteering activist.
Organizer of inter-municipal friendly meetings in volleyball. A versatile athlete, but she prefers athletics. Together with a team of athletes, he participates in the regional sports day of sports veterans in athletics. The team of volleyball players from Preobrazhenie, of which Olga Vladimirovna is a member, has repeatedly become the winner of municipal volleyball competitions for the cup of the head of the district.
An active life position, adherence to principles, a warm attitude towards the people around her, a willingness to help in a difficult life situation, always keep herself in sports shape are the features inherent in Olga Vladimirovna.

7. Mosalsky Yury Anatolyevich

The first and current head of Lazovsky municipal district, the last Head of the Lazovsky municipal district.
In 1980, he graduated from Lazovskaya secondary school. In 1984, he began his career as a laborer and since then he has worked in various fields and in various positions: for 17 years he headed the building cooperative "Architect"; For 7 years, he headed Lazovsky and Partizansky branches of Primavtodor OJSC; has business experience; was engaged in the organization of sports leisure for young people and, together with the whole family, actively participated in the cultural life of the region.
He has been playing table tennis since childhood.
The accumulated experience, knowledge and skills allow Yuri Anatolyevich to competently manage the entrusted to him - the Lazovsky municipal district.
He was awarded the Diploma of the Legislative Assembly.
He is a labor veteran of Primorsky Krai .

8. Nedostup Alexey Antonovich

The youngest participant in today's relay, but no less talented. Alexey is a professional table tennis player. In 2021 and 2022 became:
- winner of the first place in Primorsky Krai  Table Tennis Championship among juniors and juniors under 19 in men's doubles;
- the first place of the same tournament in the personal category among boys under 16;
- first place in the regional table tennis tournament "Children's Primorskaya League" in the individual category;
- first place in the regional tournament "Children's Primorskaya League" in the mixed tournament among boys and girls born in 2005 and younger.
The winner of the district competitions of the All-Russian action "Cross of the Nation 2021" at a distance of 1000 m in the age group of 2007-2008.
Repeated winner of table tennis tournaments in honor of the "Fisherman's Day" and the Far East Table Tennis Tournament in memory of the Hero of the Soviet Union Makitruk F.M. in p. Transfiguration.
Participant of the All-Russian competitions and the Far Eastern Federal District table tennis championship.
Nedostup Aleksey Antonovich is a participant in the Children of Asia Games 2022.
At school, Alexey is an excellent student!

9. Polyakova Alexandra Andreevna

Director of the universal sports complex "Preobrazhenie", head of the children's and youth sports school of PJSC "PBTF".
Fitness trainer, physiotherapy instructor, presenter at fitness conventions, sports festivals. Engaged in the preparation and training of fitness trainers.
Alexandra Andreevna Founder of the Regional Center for the Development of Physical Culture and Sports, Head of the project “Social Fitness. Primorye". Engaged in the organization and conduct of social fitness training in open and closed areas in the cities of Primorsky Krai (Vladivostok, Artyom, Ussuriysk, Nakhodka, Bolshoy Kamen, Dalnegorsk, Dalnerechensk, Spassk-Dalny, Novopokrovka, Preobrazhenie, Kavalerovo). Classes are held for different age categories, including for older people. The project received grant support, the support of the Ministry of Sports of the PC and was broadcast on OTV-prim in the “Zaryazhaysya” program for more than a year.
Founder and organizer of the festival of beach sports "On Sand" in Lazovsky district.
She loves his job, helps people to be healthy and active!

10. Frolova Inessa Gennadievna

Teacher of Lazovskaya secondary school No. 1, teaching experience over 30 years.
Inessa Gennadievna is a teacher who is fluent in teaching methods, conducts physical education lessons at a high professional level. Conducts a large sports-mass work. It should be noted the excellent organization of sports competitions, in which he is often a chief judge.
The school constantly hosts competitions in various sports, which improve the skills of students, strengthen their health and select the strongest children to participate in regional competitions.
Inessa Gennadievna managed Loton sports and tourist club for many years, which brought up more than one generation of children.
She is a coach of women's volleyball team.
For many years, students of Lazo secondary school have won prizes in the all-around sports of the “Presidential Games” district competitions, in school volleyball and athletics competitions, and won district tourist competitions.
Inessa Gennadievna was awarded the Badge "Excellence in Physical Culture and Sports".
He is a Labor Veteran.