Torch Relay
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July 3,


The average length of the Torch Relay route is 3 km. The Torch Relay will reach the sympolic historical, cultural and picturesque places.

Torch Relay begins: 12:00 PM
Ending celebration: 1:30 PM

Photo - Igor Onuchin

1. Arsentiev Anton Viktorovich

Education of Primorsky Krai champions in dance sport.

2. Bakhtin Alexander Nikolaevich

Honorary citizen of the Vladimir-Aleksandrovsky rural settlement, excellent student of public education of the highest category.

3. Bondarenko Gennady Danilovich

Sports figure of Partizansky district.
From 1980 to 2020 - Head of the sports committee, sports department of the municipality.
The owner of numerous thanks and diplomas from the relevant State Committee of the USSR and the Ministry of Sports of Russia.

4. Vorobyov Vladislav Sergeevich

Winner and prizewinner of the Russian championship in orienteering.

5. Vorobyov Nikita Sergeevich

Winner and prizewinner of the WTF Taekwondo Russian Championship in Simferopol.

6. Pegay Dmitry Alexandrovich

Master of sports of international class in Olympic taekwondo, silver medalist of the World Championship in Olympic taekwondo. Bronze medalist of the European Championship in Olympic taekwondo, multiple medalist of the Russian championship in Olympic taekwondo.

7. Starkov Pavel Viktorovich

Judge of the first category in sports tourism. Participant of regional competitions in sports tourism.

8. Khorsun Ekaterina Vitalievna

Torchbearer 2014 dedicated to the Winter Olympic Games Sochi 2014.
Participant of many district, regional, regional competitions in volleyball, table tennis, beach volleyball, athletics and other sports.
Included in the Book of Honor of the Partizansky district of Primorsky Krai.

9. Shalyakina Olesya Evgenievna

Worker of Culture
Gratitude of the Minister of Culture and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation (2008), gratitude of the Legislative Assembly of the PC (2014), the best teacher of rural areas of Primorsky Krai in 2015.
Entered in the book of honor of the Partizansky district.

10. Yastrebov Dmitry Yurievich

Master of Sports of Russia in Kudo, 2013, silver medalist in Kudo 2012